Frank Woodruff Buckles, WWI's Last Surviving American Veteran, Dies at 110

The New York Times reports that Buckles passed away on Sunday, at age 110.

He was only a corporal and he never got closer than 30 or so miles from the Western Front trenches, but Mr. Buckles became something of a national treasure as the last living link to the two million men who served in the American Expeditionary Forces in France in “the war to end all wars.”
In our 2007 theme issue, "Lost at War," we featured a piece by Buckles. Read his story here.


February 27, 2010

A year ago today, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile resulting in hundreds of thousands of damaged homes, major losses to the fishing industry and 521 deaths. The Boston Globe posted some of the most powerful images taken immediately after the earthquake.


Borders Declares Bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy of Borders mega bookstore comes perhaps as no surprise and is a blow to the publishing industry. New York Daily News explores the issue, arguing that "Borders' meltdown suggests a deeper unwillingness of the American reader to partake in the cycle of poorly written books rushed to the market, wildly hyped and then prompty turned into so much blank paper again."

Lost Eye Sight

Ingrid Ricks wrote a poignant essay published in the Salon Life Stories column about her struggles as a young mother with retintis pigmentosa, a rare degenerative eye disease that causes blindness.


Lost Last Month

January 2011

Six lives in Tucson, Arizona, after a deranged gunman opens fire during a town hall meeting conducted by U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, herself sustaining a bullet wound to the head, and now on the road to recovery. 5,000 Red-winged Blackbirds and 100,000 drum fish, in Arkansas, for reasons as yet unknown. One more chance to make a name in astronomy, after 10-year-old Canadian Kathryn Gray becomes the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. Peace and order, in the Ivory Coast, as clashes arise between incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo and political rival, Alassane Ouattara. Desire to shop in England, when the VAT tax reaches a new height of 20%. The importance of an advanced degree, after Liverpool Hope University awards its first Master's in The Beatles. Any regret over holding on to your Titian, when a 450 year-old Madonna and Child sells at Sotheby's for a record breaking $16.9 million.