Lost Last Month

December 2010

Jim Morrison's conviction for indecent exposure dating back to 1970, after Florida governor, Charlie Crist, posthumously pardons the singer. Brett Favre's record of consecutive regular-season starts, running since 1992 with a total of 297 games, due to an injury to his throwing shoulder. Don't Ask Don't Tell, repealed by the House. Nick Madoff, 46, son of Bernie Madoff, by suicide. Fuss over the Kindle, when a copy of Birds of America, by John James Audubon, sells at auction for a record $10.3 million. The WikiLeaks website, as the U.S. Government begin attempts to shut it down. The mystery of Julian Assange's whereabouts, when he is arrested in London for his alleged sexual misconduct in Sweden. Three decades' worth of great music, marked by the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. Any possible financial concerns of a retired French electrician and his wife, when they reveal Pablo Picasso, for whom they installed burglar alarms in the 1970s, gifted them with 271 works.


Lost Last Month

November 2010

Royal resistance to social networking, when Queen Elizabeth II starts a Facebook page, although no one is allowed to "poke" or "friend" her. Keith Olbermann's journalistic objectivity and job security, after he is suspended by MSNBC for making political donations to Democratic Party candidates. Italian treasure, and Italian honor, when The House of the Gladiators at Pompeii collapses due to the government's neglect of the site. The running world's great ambassador, Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia, who retires after failing to complete the New York Marathon. The absence of Coco, as talk show host Conan O'Brien debuts his TBS late night show. Job as Speaker of the House, by Nancy Pelosi to John Boehner. Famed Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis, 91. The eternal rest of 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe, as scientists exhume his remains in Prague in order to solve the mystery of his sudden death. A longstanding Burmese injustice, when opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is released after 15 years of house arrest.


The End of Fairy Tales?

This NPR article examines the evolution of Fairy Tales. Walt Disney revealed it has no plans to make another animated fairy tale (likely because Tangled wasn't too successful), yet this has been met with backlash from fans. There is conflicting data with the success of the fairy tales because there have not been successful traditional fairy tales (in the same vein of Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty) yet, fairy tale hybrid movies that appeal to a wider audience than little girls, like Shrek were very successful.


The Internet May Cause Uncharacteristic Rudeness?

In Jeff Pearlman's article entitled "Tracking Down My Online Haters" he writes of the dichotomy of people's manners on the internet compared with more personal forms of communication. He calls someone who sent him pornographic hate mail and has a pleasant telephone conversation. With all this talk of politician's hateful language causing issues, is the internet also to blame for the general loss of American civility?


Joan Rivers's appearance on Fox News Cancelled

Fox News has cancelled Joan Rivers appearance to the channel to promote Rivers's new reality show allegedly because she called Sarah Palin stupid to a video camera over the weekend.


Looks that Need to Say Goodbye

The New York Times Fashion & Style section compiled a list of ten looks they would like to see get lost in 2011. They included Transparency and Denim Diapers.


10 musicians lost in 2010

Glide Magazine's "Hidden Track" blog pays tribute to 10 musicians we lost in 2010. Read it here. The worst news for me was Captain Beefheart: