Lost Last Month

April 2011

Six feet of plane, after a hole appears above the overhead compartment of Southwest Flight 812 en route to California while at 36,000 feet. (The plane lands safely in Yuma, Arizona.) The freedom of China's most famous contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, taken by Chinese police just before boarding a flight. His accountant, studio partner, driver, and assistant also remain missing. Director Sidney Lumet, 86. Last chance to sport a burqa or niqab in France, after the law banning both comes into effect. Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus's job, after the Supreme Court of Bangladesh affirms his dismissal from his own Grameen micro-finance bank. Religious leader Sathya Sai Baba, 84. Almost 300 lives, following vicious tornados in Alabama and several other Southern states. Safety of the residents of Misrata, Libya, as the city is shelled by artillery, tanks, and snipers and their water supply
intentionally cut off by Gaddafi's forces. Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling's appeal against his conviction for fraud. The US's ambassador to Ecuador, expelled after diplomatic cables alleging corruption within the Ecuadorian police are leaked.

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