The Lost Art of Reading

David L. Ulin writes about how he has stopped reading as regularly. He says, "I am too susceptible, it turns out, to the tumult of the culture, the sound and fury signifying nothing."


Lost Advertisements

We can't help but laugh at some of these vintage advertisements, but also be glad that many of these sexist, racist and outrageous advertisements aren't still gracing our magazine pages. We have made progress.


As the Book Goes, So Goes the Bookshelf

Nathan Schneider writes in The Smart Set about the demise of the bookshelf as a visual of our intellectual development.

As I look over my own shelf, I see my life pass before my eyes. The memories grafted onto each volume become stirred and awakened by a glance at the spine, which presents itself to be touched, opened, and explored. Without the bookshelf's landscape to turn to, that manifest remainder from a lifetime of reading, how would one think? What would one write?


Target Euthanized, Accidently

While in Afghanistan Target confronted a suicide bomber and received a heros welcome by Oprah to the United States. Unfortunately, she escaped her owner's yard and was caught and put into shelter where she was accidently put to sleep.

Comparing the Brooklyn of Then and Now

Brooklyn Based featured the work of journalist Mitchell Trinka, who has matched up old photos with the current locations to give a visual example of how certain neighborhoods in Kings County have changed.

For more images in this vein, check out SepiaTown.


England's Most Eligible Bachelor

Prince William has become officially engaged to long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton.

Advanced Loss

via Best Week Ever.

Lost Last Month

October 2010

The question over the fate of 33 miners trapped in a copper-gold mine in Copiapo, Chile since the beginning of August, when they are all safely rescued. Many trees, when author Jonathan Franzen asks British fans to stop reading his latest novel – which is actually a mistakenly-published old draft – in advance of thousands of copies set to be pulped. Father of fractal geometry, Benoit Mandelbrot, aged 85. Peace and sanity in France, as millions of people demonstrate President Sarkozy's plan to raise the retirement age by two years. MGM's creditors, as the film studio announces plans to file for Chapter 11 to rid itself of $4 billion in debts. Nepalese Sherpa, Chhewang Nima, known for climbing Mount Everest 19 times, dies in an avalanche. Classified information regarding the Iraq War, released by WikiLeaks. President Obama's "sharp elbowed" Chief of Staff, after Rahm Emanuel decides to move on to (possibly) greener pastures.


“So I would hate to lose everything I’ve spent a lifetime building, I suppose." -Leo Whittle

New Zealand is facing the possibility of significant losses to their Kiwi industry due to the discovery of a bacterial disease. The destructive canker spreads easily, but doesn't effect the fruit, only the vine.


The Best Distance Distance Runner of All Time Retires

Haile Gebrselassie announces his surprisingly retirement today after he dropped out of the ING New York City Marathon at mile sixteen. He is arguably the best distance runner in the world having broken twenty seven world records over the course of his career. He has the top time in the marathon; 2:03:59 set in the Berlin Marathon in 2008.

"It was a fairy tale and it didn't end the way that everybody wanted it to end." -John Shirreffs

Zenyatta, the crowd favorite and arguably the best race horse that has ever lived, lost the Breeders Cup Classic last night. Now it is debatable whether she will lose winning the horse of the year to Blame, the winner of yesterdays race. Zenyatta was undefeated before yesterday's big loss.


Lost Last Month

September 2010

Actor Tony Curtis, ne Bernard Schwartz, aged 85. Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy, won while playing for the USC Trojans, voluntarily returned after controversy unfolds that he received improper payments while at school. The U.S. military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, found to be in violation of the First Amendment by a US District Court Judge. The Daley stronghold of Chicago, after Richard M. announces he will not seek reelection as mayor in 2011. Parole, for John Lennon's murderer, Mark David Chapman. Probation, for actress Lindsay Lohan, following a failed drug test. The 2010 US Open Championship, by Novak Djokovic to Rafael Nadal, and Vera Zvonareva to Kim Clijsters. The despair over the loss of more than 600 Mesopotamian antiquities, found and returned to the National Museum of Iraq after being mysteriously misplaced during repatriation.