Lost Last Month

October 2010

The question over the fate of 33 miners trapped in a copper-gold mine in Copiapo, Chile since the beginning of August, when they are all safely rescued. Many trees, when author Jonathan Franzen asks British fans to stop reading his latest novel – which is actually a mistakenly-published old draft – in advance of thousands of copies set to be pulped. Father of fractal geometry, Benoit Mandelbrot, aged 85. Peace and sanity in France, as millions of people demonstrate President Sarkozy's plan to raise the retirement age by two years. MGM's creditors, as the film studio announces plans to file for Chapter 11 to rid itself of $4 billion in debts. Nepalese Sherpa, Chhewang Nima, known for climbing Mount Everest 19 times, dies in an avalanche. Classified information regarding the Iraq War, released by WikiLeaks. President Obama's "sharp elbowed" Chief of Staff, after Rahm Emanuel decides to move on to (possibly) greener pastures.

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