Someone has lost their goats

Today's winner of best NY Times headline: "Possible Religious Link Seen in Mystery of Runaway Goats."

Four goats have been found in the New York City area over the past four months -- and that's after six goats were found in 2008. Amazingly, possibility is that these animals are escapees who managed to avoid becoming victim of a ritual sacrifice:

While the goats could have been dumped sick animals or live-market escapees, a number of neighbors have called animal-care officials to speculate that the goats might be part of the sacrificial rituals of Santeria, a religion created several centuries ago by West Africans enslaved in colonial Cuba and imported to New York City in the 1940s.

“The neighborhood where these goats are being found, there are a lot of Santeria, people who practice Santeria,” said Susie Coston, the national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary. “They’ve seen skulls and obvious sacrificed animals before.”


Blog to Watch: Scientific American's Extinction Countdown

It's a blog we'll likely be linking to many times in the future. Scientific American's Extinction Countdown covers new updates about endangered species around the world. Where else will you read about how an "AIDS-like retrovirus threatens Australia's koalas with extinction"? Or see a photo of this rare guy: