Jeanne-Claude, Christo's Partner, dies

Very sad news from the New York Times that the artist Jeanne-Claude, who collaborated with her partner and husband Christo, has died.

Their working methods, as described on their Web site, remained constant throughout the years. After jointly conceiving of a project, Christo made drawings, scale models and other preparatory works whose sale financed the project. Working with paid assistants, they did the on-site work: wrapping buildings, trees, walls or bridges; erecting umbrellas (“The Umbrellas,” 1991); spreading pink fabric around islands in Biscayne Bay near Miami (“Surrounded Islands,” 1983).

“We want to create works of art of joy and beauty, which we will build because we believe it will be beautiful,” Jeanne-Claude said in a 2002 interview. “The only way to see it is to build it. Like every artist, every true artist, we create them for us.”

Anyone who was in New York for the Gates is familiar with the impact of the couple's monumental yet temporary work. For an online retrospective check out the National Gallery's site here.

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