RIP: Mollie Sugden

Mollie Sugden, the wonderful actress who played Mrs. Slocombe on British hit comedy Are You Being Served?, passed away on July 1st. The Telegraph's obituary perhaps sums up why her character was such a popular and enduring one:
Mollie Sugden's Mrs Slocombe was a recognisable working type – the shopworn divorcee trying to keep up appearances, defying the years with ever more lurid rinses, and returning home alone each night to her "little pussy", to which there was always at least one reference in every show.

Mrs Slocombe had an arch, Ortonesque way with the unfortunate phrase: "Captain Peacock, I do not respond to any man's finger!", she says in response to a summons from the boss. "Before we go any further, Mr Rumbold, Miss Brahms and I would like to complain about the state of our drawers. They're a positive disgrace."
Of course, this video tribute really captures the essence of the show's humor. Comedy never really changes, does it?

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