Shea says goodbye

The Mets played their last baseball game at Shea Stadium last night; it'll be a parking lot by April.

The ceremonial final pitch was made by Tom Seaver, to Mike Piazza.

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Yankee Stadium, rest in piece

The New York Yankees played their final game at their famous home yesterday; it's being torn down, and the Yankees hope that, as Derek Jeter said, the ghosts simply move across the street, where their new stadium is being built.

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This old barn

Efforts are being made to preserve the country's old barns; perhaps only 2,000,000 remain, down from 6,000,000 in the 1930s.

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A map hides in Queens

A Grail for urban explorers and nostalgics, the "Tent of Tomorrow" hides a map within the ruins of the 1964-1965 World's Fair Complex in Queens.

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Does your TomTom speak in "Moo"?

According to a savvy researcher's deep look into Google Earth, cows use the earth's magnetism to align themselves north-south when grazing or resting.

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