The Bark Beetle

I was in Albuquerque, NM recently, and the effects of this beetle are instantly visible on the mountains surrounding the city. Whole swaths of forest have turned gray. It's worrying to think that the perfect storm could be caused by factors like slightly warmer winters and forest fire prevention.


Jekyll Island wants its stuff back!

Georgia's Jekyll Island Club, the former haunt of Rockefellers, Morgans, and Vanderbilts, is offering amnesty to anyone who returns original items that may have been "borrowed" from the historic district.


What was underneath

Cross sections of the old Hudson River tubes between New Jersey and Lower Manhattan are the latest relics to disappear in the continuing development of the site.

NY Times: Another Ghost From Ground Zero’s Past Fades Away


Bell tolls for Rays

A tough loss for the Tampa Bay Rays in baseball's World Series meant a big win for the Philadelphia Phillies, the new champs.

Tampa Bay Tribune: Phillies Finish Off Rays, Win World Series


Debt digits

The "National Debt Clock" in New York needs to add some digits to its continuous debt-counting display.


Shea says goodbye

The Mets played their last baseball game at Shea Stadium last night; it'll be a parking lot by April.

The ceremonial final pitch was made by Tom Seaver, to Mike Piazza.

New York Times: Immersed in Gloom, a Farewell to Shea Still Enchants

New York Times: A Bitter Acceptance as Mets Fall



Yankee Stadium, rest in piece

The New York Yankees played their final game at their famous home yesterday; it's being torn down, and the Yankees hope that, as Derek Jeter said, the ghosts simply move across the street, where their new stadium is being built.

New York Times: A Long Goodbye to an 85-Year Run


This old barn

Efforts are being made to preserve the country's old barns; perhaps only 2,000,000 remain, down from 6,000,000 in the 1930s.

CSM: Old barns get new attention


A map hides in Queens

A Grail for urban explorers and nostalgics, the "Tent of Tomorrow" hides a map within the ruins of the 1964-1965 World's Fair Complex in Queens.

NY Times: In the Tent of Tomorrow, a Faded Map of Yesteryear


Does your TomTom speak in "Moo"?

According to a savvy researcher's deep look into Google Earth, cows use the earth's magnetism to align themselves north-south when grazing or resting.

NPR: Lost? Let A Cow Be Your Guide




Bye bye Busch

Anheuser-Busch hasn't announced any job cuts yet, but St. Louis is already mourning the loss of this American original to its new (foreign) corporate ownership.

NY Times: Anger and Dismay at the Sale of a City Treasure


At the pump

Camilo Jose Vergara photographs long-lost gas stations and pumps. Is a look at the past a look at the future?

NY Times: Out of Gas


Florent to exit Chelsea's meatpacking district

Decades after starting the meat-less/trendy trend in New York's Meatpacking district, restaurant/hangout Florent is closing its doors.

NY Times: Genre-Bending Hangout Takes Its Final Bows


LOST reaches finals of Literary Death Match!

Many thanks to Bob Powers for representing LOST so well at Opium Magazine's sixth LITERARY DEATH MATCH on May 29. Bob took LOST to the finals, wore a hockey jersey, and was praised by the judges for looking like "Dan Akroyd's goofy half-son nephew." Bob read from his new book, YOU ARE A MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A HERO (see post below).

The New Yorker blog also covered the sweaty event.


Buy Bob's Book

LOST contributor Bob Powers's new book YOU ARE A MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A HERO is out, and it's a good one to get lost in: an adult "choose your own ending" book that takes readers hilariously through hell and back, with the first choice an option to save or not save the girl "you" met for a first date last night (she's been kidnapped).


A new nuclear age?

We may be entering a new nuclear age, given the intensified calls for clean nuclear energy. In that context, take a look at this lost Long Island nuclear plant.

Newsday: Lights Out at Shoreham



LOST contributor nominated for L.A. Times Book Prize

Tom Bissell's The Father of All Things: A Marine, His Son, and the Legacy of Vietnam (Pantheon) was nominated for a 2008 L.A. Times Book Prize.

Tom wrote on the subject in the first issue of LOST.

The winners will be announced April 25, 2008.


FSG's haunt

Rather than moving to the Flatiron Building, where a few of Macmillan's other publishing houses live, Farrar, Straus will be leaving its storied offices behind en route to Manhattan's 18th Street.

The New Yorker: Dislodging F.S.G.


Wrong gear? No fear.

Every major sporting championship produces "winner" apparel for both teams, so that it's available. Where do the losing team's goods go? In Nicaragua, you're better off now if you were a Patriots fan.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Super upset, super threads



Andrew Phillips's essay in the January 2006 issue of LOST received an "honorable mention" from the forthcoming edition of DA CAPO BEST MUSIC WRITING!

Read "Library Privileges" here now!