Seeing lives in the discards

When colleges close for the summer, you can "tell the difference between a school with a $20,000 price tag and a $40,000 one just by looking at what gets left behind."

CNN.com: Colleges deal with furniture and more that students leave behind


Lost at sea (whales)

Two humpback whales are swimming near the Port of Sacramento, 90 miles out of their natural habitats. And "whale whisperers" are trying to bring them back.

NY Times: Rescuers Try to Lure Lost Whales With Sound



Check beneath the sink

When people move, "much of what is left behind is typical urban-dweller flotsam: half-empty bottles of cleaning fluid, dented cans of touch-up paint, extra tiles, itinerant dust bunnies, a ragged row of condiments, and the odd piece of discarded furniture."

But what about crumpled underwear, full-body lotions, and shrunken heads? To the super go the spoils.

NY Times: What Gets Left Behind


Into the breach

USA Today writes that hundreds of thousands of Americans are applying manifest destiny to areas destroyed by wildfires.

But the real kicker is the stunning image of a fire-ravaged town you'll find if you follow the link.

USA Today: Wildfire areas get influx of residents


Lose something on the train?

20,000 items make their way each year to the lost-and-found near Track 100 in Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal.

NY Times: Lost on Metro-North, but Most Likely Found


Loser, we love thee

"Chronicling the lives of losers, flops and failures is of course not an entirely new impulse, for the American theater ... ."

NY Times: Take a Bow, Loser, the Spotlight’s Yours


Call for submissions--June's LOST

The June 2007 LOST Magazine will be our Summer Issue and our latest theme issue -- "LOST at War," in which we'll run one essay for each of ten American wars AND short stories and poems about war in general.

We're looking for that general, war-related fiction and poetry now, in addition to soldiers' first-person nonfiction narratives from specific wars (not the general experience). We're working fast. We want to read your stuff. Please send it through the usual channels (explained at www.lostmag.com).

The musket balls are flying and General Grant's calling for us ... we'll see you up ahead.

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