Glacier - ice = -(scenery + river)

Germany's last glacier, the Zugspitze, "was 80 metres thick in 1910. Now it is only 45."

According to the Post, "The melting of the frozen ice is more than just the loss of picturesque mountain scenery. Without glaciers, scientists say summertime water levels in European rivers would drop. Much of the Rhine River water in the summer comes from glacier melting."

Wa Post: Germany Losing Battle to Save Last Glacier



Oh, the humanity.

Lost emails?

Just how missing can five million emails get?

"White House officials said the improper use of the accounts and the loss of the e-mails appeared to be honest mistakes. They are trying to recover the missing e-mails and are clarifying policy on preserving records."

Wash Post: White House, Senators to Confer on E-Mail Expert


Demolition on Monday

The Half Day Inn, "a dusty watering hole where farmers came in for a cold beer and travelers of all stripes on one of the main arteries between Chicago and Milwaukee stopped to rest," is coming down for condos.

Chi Tribune: No one objects as 164-year-old inn faces demolition