Our Winter Theme Issue, "The Future LOST"

LOST Magazine turns two this month! And for our anniversary, which coincides with our annual winter theme issue, we've decided to take on the "future lost."

For this special issue, a few terrific writers contributed short essays about people, places, or things that exist now and might be gone within a set amount of time.

From plucked notes (one second) to pay phones (3.5 years), from printed objects (30 years) to city neighborhoods (ten years), and from third nipples (83 days) to fingernails (five months) to the future itself (33 years), knowing what might go lost (and when) lets us reflect on what we have: the sounds, the sights, and the objects.

Come enjoy the future lost. Come see what goes.

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PBX said...

Congrats, keep up the good work.