$113 million in 5 years?

  • AOL: Hard-Luck Lottery Winner Says He's Broke
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    Dave said...

    "Beset by misfortune" What a sad way of saying it. His daughter dead, her boyfriend dead, divorced, robbed (several times) and he is "beset by misfortune"

    It is the curse of sudden wealth. His life would have been better if he hadn't won the lottery. He was merely poor before he won the lottery, now his family is gone, another family lost a son, and his life is ruined.
    The curse of sudden wealth has struck big time.

    We feel sorry for Lear, Hamlet and Oedipus as tragic figures because they fall from a great height. This man fell from the rarified height of a poor West Virginia hick and he took his family and friends with him when he fell.

    "Beset by misfortune" hardly seems adequate.