LOST in Space on Television

In anticipation of our "LOST in Space" special issue, check out the official website of the TV program with the same name:


Seen my ball?

In advance of our upcoming "LOST in Space" issue, we'll be highlighting current space/loss-related news on the blog this week. And in the spirit of starting out strong, here's a short piece about the latest golf ball to go into orbit.

  • NY Times: From Outer Space, a Cry of Fore!
  • 11.26.2006

    Space issue closed! Submit for February!

    Our space issue (December/January) is now closed to submissions and is in design (we'll return to our regular format for our February 2007 issue and are reading for that issue and beyond). It's an exciting issue, with essays, poetry, and fiction by astronauts, astronomers, and poets. It'll be here next Sunday at midnight.

    Art Loss Register

  • Chi Tribune: Loss database one answer to art thievery
  • 11.21.2006

    Outta space

    On December 4, 2006, LOST will publish its second special issue, "LOST in Space."

    It's one small step for LOST; one great step for LOST-kind.


    Full circle

    Please visit http://www.teamestill.blogspot.com/ to read our author Sharon Estill's Taylor's blog post about her father's funeral last month, and read more about the events that made the day possible in LOST No. 3:
  • "A Daughter's Search for Her Phantom Father"
  • 11.12.2006

    Notice: Unclaimed Gulf Coast art

    As a result of Alan Huffman's essay in LOST Magazine's issue No. 8,
  • "Katrina's Art
  • , we have received queries about art lost on the Gulf Coast during and after Hurricane Katrina.

    If you have found any works by painter Jo Bailey (Jo Bailey's name would be painted in the lower righthand corner, with the date included), please email us at general@lostmag.com. We will put you in touch with the artist's family, which is looking for Jo Bailey's works, many of which washed away in Long Beach, MS.

    And please contact us if you know of reputable services or organizations putting people in touch with their found but unclaimed Gulf Coast art.

    Pygmy culture

  • WA Post: Lured Toward Modern Life, Pygmy Families Left in Limbo
  • 11.09.2006

    Republicans lose U.S. Senate

  • Yahoo: Sen. Allen concedes defeat in Virginia
  • lost job; lost Senate?

    "Faced with the collapse of his Republican majority in Congress, President Bush responded swiftly on Wednesday by announcing the departure of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld"
  • read more in the NY Times

  • And, though the AP has called Tennessee's U.S. Senate race for Jim Webb, his opponent, Republican George Allen, has not conceded. But stay tuned; one of them must lose soon ... .


    "That the House was lost."

  • NY Times: Democrats seize control of the House

  • "When Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, the most symbolic losses were those of several lawmakers who first arrived in Congress in 1994 ... "
  • read more in USA Today

  • "The last time a Democrat held the House speaker's gavel was in January 1995, when then-party leader Dick Gephardt handed it to Newt Gingrich after an election that Republicans branded a revolution ... "
  • read more in SF Chronicle
  • 11.07.2006

    LOST "Letters"

    That's right; there's been loss at LOST Magazine. Loyal readers will remember the first of two features that have gone lost at LOST--the Classifieds section, which allowed readers to write about losses of their own. And they did: a Manhattanite's brief, rainy-day elegy to a lost umbrella was particularly memorable. But the section never found its footing, and as we do, sometimes, with closets or cupboards, we cleaned it out.

    In fact, we replaced the feature with Letters, a section where readers could respond to writing they'd read in the magazine. And they did: a Native American's response to Bill Lambrecht's essay, http://www.lostmag.com/issue2/mudbones.php, was particularly memorable.

    But with this issue, we lost that feature, too.

    We try at LOST Magazine to be as much like a print magazine as possible; we believe it's all about the writing and that writing is, while maybe not the only way, the perfect way to articulate loss. And we believe that publishing one complete issue for one whole month affords readers the chance to come back, to dip in, and to read all they want before we replace content.

    But we also need to stay fresh, and being online affords us a flexibility that print publications don't have. And so we've decided to move the LOST Blog into the main navigation bar on our homepage, to give it a little more juice and a redesign, and to encourage our readers to comment on it. With you involved, our blog can be the best of Letters and the best of Classifieds, with a little of us binding everything together.

    Thanks for visiting us; keep coming back; to lose is, in this case, to gain?

    Lost time, lost health: jetlag

  • Washington Post: When the clock lies