The Marlins' loss

  • is the Mets' gain

  • Lost:
    The Florida Marlins, by four runs
    An 18 year Division Title-less streak
    280 bottles Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry sparkling wine (post-game)


    Space out -- Submissions call

    You heard it here first; the next theme issue of LOST comes online on December 4, 2006 and will be called "Lost in Space."

    We're looking for anything space related in both fiction and nonfiction.

    Have a piece about space junk, black holes, or Pluto? A sci-fi story, a Star Wars story, a star gazing story?

    Send it on in; our submissions guidelines are on the site.

    We look forward to getting lost, out there, with you.

    Down in Detroit

  • 10,000 jobs
  • 9.14.2006

    In tennis as in life

    "The scoreboard said I lost today. But what the scoreboard doesn't say is what it is I have found."--Andre Agassi, in his last tennis match at the 2006 U.S. Open


    New concerns about Iraqi antiquities

    Read more on issues raised in Roger Atwood's "Looters in the Temple" (LOST No. 5/April 2006):

  • going fast