Says Eurpides:

"Who so neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is dead for the future."-- Euripides


An early look at LOST No. 8

Though LOST Magazine usually runs single essays in its Lost Person, Lost Place, and Lost Thing sections, we chose to use one essay, "Katrina's Art" to fill all three sections in issue No. 8.

And though LOST usually publishes on the first Monday of each month, we wanted to give "Katrina's Art" some space of its own.

And so it is, with the first issue of our second volume, that we come to you early with a story of art on the Gulf Coast, one loss of many that will always be current, on their anniversary and otherwise.

Please visit us on August 29, 2006 at www.lostmag.com, and watch for the rest of issue No. 8 on September 4, featuring lost farmhouses, lost innocence, lost typewriters, a lost ship, and lost dirt.

Last sighting of a lost seat


September closed; October open

Dear writers--

While we've closed our September issue, we're still looking for submissions--especially for our Departments section--for October and November. Please look on the site for submission information: http://www.lostmag.com/contact.php.

The first issue of LOST Vol. 2 goes live on September 4, but we'll be publishing one essay from the issue, "Katrina's Art," by Alan Huffman, early on August 29. Since we're a monthly publication, we can't always be timely--but Alan's piece, coming a year after Hurricane Katrina, shows us how loss is, among others things, always current.