LOST "Letters"

That's right; there's been loss at LOST Magazine. Loyal readers will remember the first of two features that have gone lost at LOST--the Classifieds section, which allowed readers to write about losses of their own. And they did: a Manhattanite's brief, rainy-day elegy to a lost umbrella was particularly memorable. But the section never found its footing, and as we do, sometimes, with closets or cupboards, we cleaned it out.

In fact, we replaced the feature with Letters, a section where readers could respond to writing they'd read in the magazine. And they did: a Native American's response to Bill Lambrecht's essay, http://www.lostmag.com/issue2/mudbones.php, was particularly memorable.

But with this issue, we lost that feature, too.

We try at LOST Magazine to be as much like a print magazine as possible; we believe it's all about the writing and that writing is, while maybe not the only way, the perfect way to articulate loss. And we believe that publishing one complete issue for one whole month affords readers the chance to come back, to dip in, and to read all they want before we replace content.

But we also need to stay fresh, and being online affords us a flexibility that print publications don't have. And so we've decided to move the LOST Blog into the main navigation bar on our homepage, to give it a little more juice and a redesign, and to encourage our readers to comment on it. With you involved, our blog can be the best of Letters and the best of Classifieds, with a little of us binding everything together.

Thanks for visiting us; keep coming back; to lose is, in this case, to gain?

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