On balance

When we lose, do we find? Is there always reciprocity? An equal and opposite reaction?

It seems that we often find something after we lose -- even something as simple (or not) as a new perspective. But while we do instinctively try to fill the holes left by loss -- by shopping, or smoking, or dating again -- the loss itself isn't actually affected. It rendered us different and forced us to seek something else out. What was is no longer.

In LOST No. 9/October 2006, we look a bit at moving on and what we become, when one twin dies and another survives, or when our friends move away from home. And we're reminded that just as with our experiences of finding (be they forced our not), the human experience of loss is both inevitable and formative, shaping us; sometimes ravaging us; forcing us, if we choose, to find; and leaving us, regardless, changed.

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