On our upcoming theme issue; and LOST's loss

You may have noticed that LOST has lost its Classifieds section. It's true; though we saw posts about losses from loves to umbrellas, the section has seemed lately like it need some retooling -- a pepping up, after a shipping out.

But LOST has gained, too: a "Letters" section, most notably. And as we gear up for our May issue -- and the special June theme issue to follow it, "LOST at Sea" -- we're looking forward to the losses our future brings.

We're accepting submissions for "LOST at Sea" now; poetry, fiction, and nonfiction -- the sky's the limit and the sea's the thing. So send your shark-bite, man overboard, and sunken ship stories to nonfiction@lostmag.com and fiction@lostmag.com (poetry goes there). And surprise us; there's more to loss than meets the eye.

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