LOST No. 5 alive!

Last month was filled with fires, deaths, robbery, and basketball, and LOST Magazine is here to tell you about it. A new feature in our Departments section highlights some of last month's losses, and the rest of our new issue does what the past four have: it collects experiences of loss, it collects emerging and established writers, it joins us through the sharing of what was.

At our debut reading last month at New York's Half King, four LOST contributors read from their work, and heavy or light, the readings articulated various experiences of losing. But why do we care about losses that aren't ours--what do we gain from others' experiences of loss? Last month, we gained connection itself, and we care because we're all survivors. What are any of us, really, without what we've lost? Without what happened yesterday, or who walked before us, or what used to stand?

We hope that in reading about this issue's unconnected losses--lost innocence, lost buildings, lost Seattle, lost Iraq--we come together to understand what we've all got by understanding what we all had. Lose yourself, get lost with us. Thanks for coming to www.lostmag.com, or welcome back.

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