Alive at 6

LOST No. 6 is here, and in it we're continuing our mission to publish writing on lost people, places, and things. But, we've been asked, are we actually finding these people, places, and things by publishing writing about them? Is LOST more about finding than losing?

We try, in what we publish, to expose and articulate loss. In our experience, we certainly can find what was once lost. But we're publishing writing about that moment, that experience, where loss dominated and shaped us; even when we find, the experiencing of losing alters us, and that's what we build on in life--it's what makes everything around us, including us, what it is today.

This issue, we see how loss shaped the treatment of disease; how it shaped the fonts we use, the drinks we drink, and the people we've become. Without loss, we don't gain, but loss is more than a step on the way--it's a universal experience that deserves, we think, a monthly magazine that excavates it and remembers.

So we're here. Take LOST No. 6 in, and stay tuned for LOST No. 7, where LOST goes overboard and publishes a special collection, "LOST at Sea."

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