LOST No. 4

Four issues ago, LOST set out to publish writing that articulates loss in its many forms, and we've seen again and again that in losing we always gain (even if, as sometimes happens, all we gain is a new, profound emptiness). But it's also possible, in losing, to gain a richness that we didn’t have before -- to know long-lost parents in new ways; to learn more about our language from one that's dying; to find ourselves, in a difficult new world.

This issue's no different.

But in some ways, it is. We're announcing a new section, LOST Letters, where we'll publish letters to the editor. We're announcing our first LOST event; see our events page to find out how to find LOST and loss near you. And we're very pleased to announce Peter Orner, our new Guest Fiction Editor, who will curate the fiction section in issue Nos. 4-6, in the wake of a fine job by our first Fiction Editor, Robley Wilson.

We lose, we gain. Thanks for getting lost with us.

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