Readers! Writers!

Our next issue (No. 2; January) is now closed and being designed, and we're currently reading for issue No. 3 (February).

A sneak preview on losses we'll be writing about in January? The city of Detroit's; Native Americans'; the history of an NYC ghost town; library privileges; celebrities' appendages; and a whole lot more.

We'll need any timely submissions for our third (February) issue by January 2, but keep 'em coming any time (our submissions guidelines are at http://www.lostmag.com/contact.php). We're always reading.

And keep letting every person you've ever met know about issue No. 1 and www.lostmag.com, and keep visiting and reading yourself. Artificially high numbers are still, in our book, high.

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Anonymous said...

Started a small site at http://www.lostseason2.com

It's getting some good feedback. Would love if everyone who LOVES lost like I do would join!