LOST is live

After many months of discussing lost people, places and things, and of meeting in bars and in passing, and after thousands of emails and debates and tinkerings, we at LOST Magazine are proud to finally present the magazine itself.

LOST is based on the premise that as we live our lives immersed in continuously changing landscapes, it's vital to review and remember what we, as individuals and as a culture, are leaving behind. So much goes lost -- the souls, money, fast food favorites, people, places, and things in this issue being only a small portion -- and recording these losses in prose brings them back, for a little while, for reflection, and for what they're worth.

And we believe they're worth a lot.

We all harbor people, places, and things in our memories: the people who have died or left us, the places that are falling or closing down, the things we've left behind or put away. It's self-punishment to recall them, sometimes, and sometimes recall is what keeps us going. And increasingly often, recall is simply impossible, because what's lost really is lost and fading from our collective memory each day.

And that's what LOST Magazine is about: using writing to inform us about the way things are by reminding us how (and what) they were.

LOST also exists because we're not the only ones. The writing you'll find on our pages speaks for itself, and while you'll find some fun features here, you'll also find a content-based site committed to its writing and writers, all of whom share a bond in bringing forth unique experiences of loss in their writing.

Please join us here on the first Monday of every month, but join us here even more than that: to visit the Classifieds and Blog, to forward your favorite essays and stories on to friends, and to enjoy a magazine where loss, by design, is found.

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Benny said...

Congrats! Looking forward to updates and new issues.