LOST in five nights

In five nights, the first issue of LOST Magazine will exist -- will be clickable and viewable -- will provide content online about all things lost. It's crunch time, so be sure to email our link (www.lostmag.com) to everyone you know, and be sure you (and they) sign up for the LOST List. We'll email you when the first issue goes online.


Off to see the Wizard...

"I'd like to roar 'em down --
But I think I lost my roarer."
--The Cowardly Lion

Did it happen; is it true?

"All of a sudden the poor have emerged from the shadows of invisibility, lifted onto a temporary pedestal by natural disaster. Whether it is because of guilt, pity or the nation's generosity in times of crisis, those who lost everything--many of whom had little to begin with--find themselves in a strange wonderland of recognition."--THE WASHINGTON POST