"Lost List" Email #1

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[Original email date: October 20, 2005]

Dear LOST Listers--

Welcome to the first LOST Magazine update (though you've found it--good for you!).

Our first issue comes online at www.lostmag.com on December 1, and our blowout first installment will feature losses of:

--the soul (purported to weigh 21 grams), from the author of STIFF and SPOOK, Mary Roach;

--financial well-being, from the author of RATS, Robert Sullivan;

--Vietnam War vets, from the writer and author of CHASING THE SEA, Tom Bissell;

--sensitive parts, from memoirist and former Nerve.com sex columnist Grant Stoddard;

--and many, many more (often heart-wrenching, frequently silly, and habitually obscure).

The first few issues will also present:

--established and emerging writers of every persuasion and many ilks;
--a lost and, well, lost section--the LOST Classifieds;
--LOST fiction and nonfiction;
--lost people, lost places, and lost things;
--lost handwriting, lost body parts, lost islands, lost golf balls, and lost property.

You'll find it all here.

*[We're planning a great event in New York for this December, too, so stay tuned for information and an invitation.]*

But with all that's going on, we're still far from done, here; keep your submissions coming and spread the word about LOST; keep checking the temporary site and blog at www.lostmag.com; have your friends join the LOST List and forward this email to everyone you can; and keep your head up: you'll be finding yourself at LOST in 42 days.


LOST Magazine

P.S. We're reading for Issue #2 now--send your writing to fiction@lostmag.com or nonfiction@lostmag.com and your art or photography to artphoto@lostmag.com.

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Anonymous said...

Started a small site at http://www.lostseason2.com

It's getting some good feedback. Would love if everyone who LOVES lost like I do would join!

Lost Sesaon 2