The good in getting really lost

Lost at night in an immense forest, I only have a small light to guide me. A man appears who tells me: "My friend, blow out your candle in order to find your way." This man is a theologian.
The sea, fluid garden filled with animals and plants.
--Alfred Döblin

As we at LOST have been developing our online magazine, I’ve noticed that periodically blowing out a candle can be a convenient way of keeping things moving forward. We’ve scrapped logos, ditched plans, and even evaluated our mission over the last few months, and each time we’ve done it I feel like we’ve gained something—sometimes something frustrating, but often something like momentum.

But that’s the easy way out—a timid way—and bits of our past iterations linger when we build on the partial ruins of our former ideas.

So in anticipation of our launch this December, we’re blowing the lights out and pulling what we can out of the dark. Our permanent web site will be whatever our hands fall upon, and we encourage you, our readers and writers, to do the same with your work; we can only exist because of you and the losses you find, and we'll only be a framework without you.

We look forward to getting (and finding) LOST with you.

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