Why, why, why?

We're six months out from our first issue here at LOST Magazine, and boy, are we busy.

Our little staff of six has been defining, building, drinking, waking, gaining, losing, and, in the process, finding. And that's the thing about this little magazine about loss; as we troll our collective memories for the losses we share—like buildings and landscapes and people—we're reminded of the things we’ve lost ourselves, and by remembering those things, we find them again.

Check back frequently for my updates on LOST's progress; for reflections on creating an online magazine; for images of lost things; for thoughts on whether lost things in photographs are really lost; for lists and tables; for periodic musings; to see what we've lost lately; and what we've found.

We're working hard to lay the groundwork for a magazine that is at once serious, funny, bizarre, and lovely. And if we do our jobs, we'll be putting you, too, at the crossroads of mourning and celebration on the first Monday of every month.

Come get lost with us.

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